Prof.  Ghassan Salameh   ,MD. Ph.D.

Head of Salamehfix Limb lengthening & reconstruction Center , Combined with German  OUZ/ Orthopadische Center , Frannkfurt am Main , Germany
SICOT Active member  & ASAMI International member
EPOS Active Member
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Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction using Salamehfix Small external arc fixation System Salamehfix ;

A New Hinge External Distraction  System in the treatment of limb lengthening and correction of axial devlations and Deformities  (SALAMEHFIX)  ,  (SLDF System).
This is a New Hinged external fixation system which modified by Prof. Dr. Ghassan Salameh MD. Ph. D.

Salamehfix – a hinged External Fixation System.  It is an arc system rather than a circular system and consists of three small arcs. The arcs are not the same diameter so the system can take the shape of leg. The entrance of screws and wires are in minimally painful regions so it’s more tolerable, provides for stable fixation and allows early full weight bearing. The small size of the system allows clothing to be worn over it with full mobility of nearby joints.
This new hinges had WIPO registration.

This New hinges are already published and presented in many international Conferences and had a perfect discussion and impression; you can see details on the page of about us and activities.

Indications of the External Hinges (SLDF System):

  • limb lengthening
  • correction of axial deviations
  • Treatment of congenital and acquired deformities
  • treatment of fractures
  • Treatment of pseudarthrosis
  • Osteomylites management

Advantages of SLDF System
1- The system is more suitable in size and shape because of deferent sizes of the arcs
2- Easy to correct angle deviations by use of special hinged devices


Lengthening and restoring of alignment


Small size fixation, good alignment on X-rays , possibility to wake after operation and easy wearing clothes


Possibility to minimize the hinges after good callus formation

23 years achondroplastic patient with severe varus deformity of both legsHeavy patent ,his weight is 110 kg

Lengthening 16cm and correction of severe varus( Bowing ) deformity with full weight bearing

Lengthening 16 cm with correction of of sever bowing varus deformity and full weight bearing .



 Comfortable sitting few days after surgery here is just 3ed day, a girl after cosmetic Limb Lengthening , its a Nice dream In Frankfurt , Germany.

 This is a Recent View of my City Tartous on Medeatern Sea, My family with my brother"s daughters from US.



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