Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

 Cosmetic Limb Lengthening using Salamehfix1 Device 

Salamehfix – a hinged External Fixation System.  It is an arc system rather than a circular system and consists of three small arcs. The arcs are not the same diameter so the system can take the shape of leg. The entrance of screws and wires are in minimally painful regions so it’s more tolerable, provides for stable fixation and allows early full weight bearing. The small size of the system allows clothing to be worn over it with full mobility of nearby joints.

The External fixation Hinge System  ,SLDF, Salamehfix

Lengthening with keeping proper alignment during lengthening.


t1: the system is small in size because of using deferent arc sizes which take the shape of leg ,fit it and possible to hide under pants.


t2:Three dimension external fixator with hinges allows stable fixation and correction of axial
3:Easy to correct angle deviations using special hinged devices.
4: High stability because of insert mixed wires and pins in deferent angles and levels.
5- Possibility of walking without aid and full weight bearing after surgery .
6- Keeping proper alignment during lengthening 
7- Allows free movement of knee and ankle joints.
Cosmetic lengthening up to 13 cm with correction of varus deformity
  we see before lengthening and after

Wearing clothes over fixators is easy 

Lengthening up to 13 cm with correction of bowing 


 Lengthening up to 13 cm lead to ballerina foot and need fractional tendon lengthening we can see here the foot already corrected in right position.

 Possibility to minimize the fixator and activities during treatment.  

Cosmetic limb lengthening in a person 57 yrs old up to 8 cm is possible .

We can see here in third day after surgery full weight bearing and  before

  removal he is already taller me with fixators under pants.


This is the known by my international patients ;Big Ghassan who did 16.5 cm lengthening in two separate steps, after two years from first lengthening did second lengthening at the same place where first one.

This is 27 yrs old girl , third day after surgery , we see walking with weight bearing and how its easy to cross legs and comfortable to sit and move with fixators .


 we can see before removal she did 7.5 cm the optimal lengthening for girl you can see also possibility standing on one leg , you can see also the leg from behind is free no fixator only from infront , which is very comfortible for sleeping and sitting .


Cosmetic Limb lengthening in a girl 20 yrs old 8.5 cm full weight bearing , just transient Ballerina foot resolved just with exercises.   Girls are more often are able for muscle streching .


 Physiotherapy is very good for treatment of Ballerina foot 



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