Foot Deformities Treatment

Treatment of congenital and acquired foot deformities with external fixation
Cases which was treated with external fixation:
1-Congenital foot deformity:

• Congenital clubfoot
• Congenital tibial of fibular hemimelia
• Foot deformity combined with shortening of the leg

2-Acquired foot deformity:
• Postraumatic
• Neuromuscular
• Poliomyelitis
• Severe burn with scaring

Severe deformity of the left foot after compartment syndrome, gradual correction of the foot with lengthening certain muscles and using external fixation system Salamehfix2 , SLDF2 We see before, during and after

Shortness of forth Metatarsal bone can be lengthened using special modified external hinge system, Salamehfix 5, SLDF 5

Calcanial cavo valgus foot deformity after poliomilites ,girl 24 years old,we can see before and after treatment

Severe varus deformity of distal left leg with shortness, valgus deformity of the foot, external rotation deformity and cavus deformity, Gradual lengthening of distal leg with correction of varus ankle and correction of valgus foot, we can see before during and after treatment