Prof. Ghassan Salameh
MD. Ph.D.

Head of Salamehfix Limb lengthening & reconstruction Center .
Combined with Dr. Michael Schmidt, OUZ/ Orthopadische Center, Frannkfurt am Main, Germany
SICOT Active member & ASAMI International member
EPOS Active Member

Limb Lengthening

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Leg Lengthening and foot deformity correction using Salamehfix Devices

Femur Lengthening with Salamehfix modified system , Dr. Ghassan Salameh ,

Femur Lengthening using Salamehfix System ,Modified Dr. Ghassan Salameh

Far of lengthening

Hear is the sun set on my home land Tartous , the place  where my previous international  lengthening patients at the opposit Sea Hotel they where living on this view , but now here is with my family and  my Niece came from USA to share me this view.

 This is a Recent View of my City Tartous on Medeatern Sea, My family with my brother”s daughters from US.

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