Upper Limbs

The treatment addresses the most disabling deformity of the forearm, congenital absence of the radial bone, also known as club hand. This case involves a 24-year-old girl with congenital club hand.

Severe forearm deformity was treated by centralizing the ulnar bone with the wrist, followed by lengthening and correcting the bowing of the ulnar bone simultaneously.

We can see here the Salamehfixator and, after its removal, a long, straight, and functional hand.

In one case, a 25-year-old adult presented with varus and internal rotation deformity of the elbow following a childhood fracture.

Another case involves a 21-year-old girl with congenital club hand, characterized by the absence of the radial bone and a severe hand deformity with an inverted dislocation of the hand.

The application of the Salamehfix1 External Fixation Device on the hand involves two steps. First, the hand is reduced and stabilized on the ulnar bone. In the second step, the ulnar bone is lengthened by up to 8 cm. The process is illustrated with X-rays and photos, demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatment.

Correction of angular deformity of the elbow joint is easily possible using a small modified external fixation device, Salamehfix. We can observe the deformity before treatment and see the improvements after corrective osteotomy and application of the fixator.

Correction of angular deformity of the elbow joint can be seen on X-ray after the procedure.

For finger lengthening, I invented a special small, identical modified external fixation device, Salamehfix 5, which has an international patent.

This is a 23-year-old young man who experienced an accident resulting in the amputation of his fingers, leaving only short stumps of the fingers.

The application of the Salamehfix5 external fixation device allowed for the lengthening of the finger stump up to 3.5 cm. On the X-ray, we can observe the regenerated bone and the alignment of the finger.

We can see how small the fixator is compared to its functional achievement and the stability of fixation it provides.