Humerus Lengthening

Humerus lengthening and deformity correction are made easier using my modified external fixation device, Salamehfix1. This device is adapted to the humerus in a small size, making it less painful and more comfortable. The hinged external fixation allows for simultaneous lengthening and deformity correction while maintaining the correct axis during the process.

A case example is a 26-year-old man who experienced an infection in childhood, resulting in an 11 cm shortening of his left humerus, external rotation, and valgus deformity. The use of Salamehfix1 provided effective treatment for this complex condition.

After lengthening the humerus by 11 cm and correcting the valgus deformity and external rotation, the patient showed significant improvement. The use of the Salamehfix1 device effectively addressed both the length discrepancy and the angular deformities, resulting in a properly aligned and functional arm.

After lengthening the humerus by 11 cm and correcting the valgus and external rotation deformities, the patient’s arm showed significant improvement.

We can see here the results before and after lengthening the humerus by 11 cm, along with the correction of its deformity.

Brachial Plexus Palsy

Many cases of brachial plexus palsy have been treated. In this particular case, a 23-year-old patient presented with a short humerus and internal rotation deformity. The images show the condition before treatment.

We can see here the results after humerus lengthening and correction of the internal rotation deformity. The upper extremity now has the same length and full external rotation.

We can see on the X-ray the small external fixation device used for lengthening the humerus while maintaining perfect alignment.