Humerus Lengthening

Humerus Lengthening and deformity correction is easy using my modified external fixation Salamehfix1 which adapted to the humerus in a small size , less painful and komfortable hinged external fixation allows simultaneous lengthening and deformity correction with keeping right axis during lengthening

This is a 26 yrs old man after infection in childhood, shortening 11cm in his left humerus, external rotation and valgus deformity

After lengthening 11 cm and correction of valgus

and external rotation

After lengthening 11 cm and correction of valgus and external rotation

We Can see here the results before and after lengthening humerus 11 cm with correction its deformity .

Brachial Plexus Palsy , many cases treated , this one case short Humerus with internal rotation deformity , at age 23 yrs , we can see here before treatment 

We can see here after Humerus lemgthening and correction of internal rotation deformity correction , already same length and full external rotation of upper extremity .

WE can see on X-ray small external fixation Lengthening on Humerus with keeping perfect alignment